Why AI needs to be part of your business strategy

AI is a strategic imperative Business leaders need to decide how to apply this emerging technology to solve business problems efficiently and in a way, that adapts to future changes. MIT Sloan and… Continue reading

What’s next in mobile video: offline streaming

As video consumption on the smaller screens and out-of-home viewing continue to grow, offline viewing is set to become a staple for the video streaming services. Offline viewing is by no means a… Continue reading

Google Is Not Killing Google+: Rumors Continue

Vic Gundotra’s departure on Apr 24th, 2014 spawned several articles speculating the fate of Google+. TechCruch’s report, often cited by other media outlets, however has lacked facts. It was based on anonymous sources… Continue reading

Twitter for Social Commerce

Speculations suggest that Twitter is finally entering the world of social commerce. There have been some tepid efforts by the social channel in the past but this seems to be the first serious… Continue reading

Paper App for Brands

Paper by Facebook is a content curation app that is visually superior to the current Facebook newsfeed design. Paper includes your FB newsfeed that is based on your likes and friends. But it… Continue reading

How Marketers Can Leverage Virtual Assistant Apps To Connect

I decided to understand the evolution of mobile technology and how it may come to redefine how we discover information or rather how information will discover us. I will be honest when I… Continue reading

Constraints Spurs Creativity

Many a blog posts have been written espousing the latest addition to Twitter, the Vine app. But the one common thread that stood out to me, in the majority of articles was the… Continue reading

Crafting An Effective Social Media Plan

Now and again, I am entrusted with the task of creating a social media plan for brands that I work on. There is a lot of information and so much to analyze that… Continue reading

Facebook Graph Search First Impressions

Today, Facebook announced a new feature Graph Search Graph Search What is it? It allows users to query on Facebook to find results related to friends and connections. It is NOT web search… Continue reading

Demystifying Facebook Reach For Brands

I have been putting together a presentation on Facebook algorithm change and its implications. I thought it was worthwhile to share my two cents. Much of this has been covered in multiple blogs… Continue reading