Gmail Motion

So I was on the Google search page and noticed this link to a new product innovation from Google called Gmail Motion. It is this nifty add-on, which uses webcam and Google’s patented spatial recognition software to detect movement and convert it into meaningful text. This will eliminate the need to use keyboard and mouse to a large extent. And this is only available to those who have a Gmail account (as if the world and it’s uncle did not have one). But for those who tend to veer away from all things Google as much as they can similar to those who will not drink Starbucks because it is too accessible and feel has disrupted the charming local cafe around the corner, to experience this cool technology will have to bite the dust and get a Gmail account. So here is another marvelous marketing ploy to get new subscribers by offering something unique, and increasing the benefit of Gmail beyond simply its email communication functionality (typically there is a lot more to Gmail than just this functionality but for the sake of brevity let’s limit it to the main product). Gmail Motion Guide

As you can see the chart shows the various motions to use for the different the email commands, and with this new feature Google has created value for its users something that will definitely help us with our multi-tasking schedules, leaving our hands to do more important things. Again, Google leads innovation and that’s what sets it apart from its competitors. Its differentiation strategy by understanding the consumers’ needs and providing ways to satisfy them ensures Google constantly earns loyalty and word of mouth marketing from its customers.

If you are still reading then I must tell you Google also has a great sense of humor and manages to pull this one off with great seriousness and continues to engage with its customers in fun ways. This little product was Google April Fool’s Trick and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. And if you thought this was indeed a cool new feature then at least for that moment I got you too, to believe in this little prank. Enjoy April Fool’s Day.