Paying it Forward

This is a sort of Pay it Forward kind of thing. I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by aarongraham for a post I wrote on the Bronx Zoo Cobra that had escaped the zoo and its namesake on Twitter started posting witty observations. And of course as a new blogger I was only too excited to be nominated for this award. You can read about it more in aarongraham’s blog

The three rules to be fulfilled are 1. Thank the person who gave you the award, 2. List seven random facts about yourself and 3. Nominate fifteen new bloggers you will pass the award on to.

The first rule is to thank the blogger who nominated me, so here it goes “Thank you so very much aarongraham. I am delighted to accept this award.” (Tear)

The second rule is to list seven random facts about me.

1. I hate coffee. Actually, I used to love it and then one morning I woke up and just started hating it.
2. I love spinach. Yes, I do.
3. I learned French for three years and now I can barely remember it. Practice makes perfect.
4. I have no favorite color. Used to be blue maybe black, but now I can never stop and pick just one color that I think is my favorite. Hmmmm
5. I named my cat Pepper, and for some reason thought that he was a she for the first two months so imagine my horror when I discovered otherwise. I didn’t change his name, Pepper suits him just fine, also because he brings on the sneeze attacks ever so often because I am allergic to his fur.
6. I walked the red carpet at Cannes 2010. Superstardom is something I could get used to forever.
7. I love drinking tea, yes it replaced the coffee, easy come, easy go?

Now I get to nominate fifteen new blogs.

I am including fifteen of the blogs I newly discovered, not all are absolutely new to the blogging community. But I figured as long as I found them for the first time they qualified. They are not listed in any particular order of preference, just as I came about them. And I did spend quite some time trying to fish for them, so I truly hope that they will accept the honor of Versatile Blogger Award.

1. How could I not nominate this Mommy to be? A new baby and a new blog. Super cute

2. I picked this one because, yes it takes after my food obsession and also throws in a recipe for a brownie. Yum! And is a healthier option to the gooey calorie filled brownies (that I unabashedly admit I love)

3. I had to pick this blog because it is written by one of my former classmates Claude Distin, and although we only spent one semester at the Fordham Graduate School of Business before he transferred; it was great to do our team projects together. He has some eclectic taste and view of the world. This blog is not very recent but it talks about one of my passions Indian Food. And plus I think the name of his blog is funny.

4. Continuing in the vein of aarongraham the next blog I would like to nominate is, which is in Javanese. I was searching for a blog on shoes and this showed up on one of the pages with the title “Crazy People Eat Shoes”and that caught my eye and when I read his bio I just felt it would be a great continuum to the German blog. But clearly this blog has a philosophy about life and that relates to a Javanese proverb or saying about Crazy People Eating Shoes?

5. This blog I nominate because it has a review of a movie by Trent Harris, Plan 10 From Outer Space: And I just had to include this because I think people would enjoy his movies if they watched them. The filmmaker is from Salt Lake City and an ex-Mormon, also my husband’s friend and sort of mentor who made other gems such as Beaver Trilogy and Rubin and Ed. Thrown out of Hollywood, this is a one man studio and in the process of making his next creation, Luna Mesa. Please check his website too:

6. This one is really creative and artistic. I had to include for the beautiful sketch notes from SXSW

7. How could I not nominate this? With a post title “When I say “cow vagina” I mean it as a compliment.” it was calling out to me. But seriously, haven’t you had that moment when you have rolled your eyes at this obnoxious and annoying person that for some reason has invaded your world?

8. Even though I am from India, I have never visited Sri Lanka, which is our neighbor. In Dec 2010, one of my friends who is from Sri Lanka got married and that was probably one of the times I could have gone to be part of her wedding ceremony and see the country but things didn’t happen that way and this opportunity was missed. But this blog has some spectacular photos of the places there. If you are planning a trip maybe you could take some inspiration about places to visit in Sri Lanka.

9. OMG! The photo of the tiger with the cute piglet did it for me. But in all honesty, this blog is very visual, beautiful and new. I nominate this because its writer’s heart is in the right place. I feel all warm and gooey inside 🙂

10. This post I nominate because I want the blogger to continue her attempt at blogging this time. But I also find this poem deeply painful and hope that whatever it is the blogger is feeling shall pass soon or that this is just a poem on pain that I happened to read?

11. Not only did I discover a cool new blog, it also introduced me to a cool new band: The Hounds. So I am doing the only the best thing possible-promoting the blog and the band.

12. Glenna Jane the amazing ship with two amazing, intelligent and at times devious cats, this blogger has the almost perfect life. Ahhh…. I looked at the photo on the post and instantly wished I was the one in it instead.

13. An athlete who cooks and writes, hmmm… now that really qualifies for being versatile, right? It is a very well done blog, I like it.

14. It’s personal and it’s about the loss of a loved one. The blog is not about losing but about learning to live, at least that is what I got from it:

15. Really awesome design, tips and colors. A very fun blog:

Congratulations to all the bloggers for winning the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂