I don’t want to “Find Friends”

Facebook Friend Friend
Very annoyingly Facebook decided about a week ago to take it upon itself to add this little “Find Friend” feature on my Facebook toolbar next to my profile tab. Before, I would get the occasional notification on my page with the list of my friends who had used this feature to find and connect with more friends. I didn’t care and it didn’t bother me so I elected to ignore these message bumps on the sidebar of my page.

But of course it wasn’t enough that I have over 160 “friends” on Facebook. Now it is being insisted upon me to cultivate my network and not subtly either, it’s loud and clear, in my face staring at me each time I am on my Facebook page. So here is the thing FB I am not making any more friends just because you think you can thrust your demand. I want my control to decide whether I want to search for friends, give me that option, I want to remove the ugly friend finder tab on my page. You are officially trespassing and I don’t appreciate this graffiti.

I wondered whether this was some new added-value roll out and searched online to find many such outraged Facebook users. No one is amused Facebook and the many queries posed by irate users on the FB help page have gone unanswered but for the stony silence leaving us, the users with no other option but to languish with this unwanted little eyesore.

What is more disconcerting is that it gives me the option to search for friends by the companies I am involved with in some way, shape or form. I don’t appreciate your snooping FB how do you know who these companies are? Ok I will concede that at least for one of them I manage the Facebook fan page so I will grant you that but what of the others, how in the world did you find that out? Butt out FB. I dislike.

And moreover, I want to preserve my personal brand exclusivity, well that might not mean that much to you but yeah I care who my friend is, I am not on Facebook with the sole purpose of achieving 2,000 friends for bragging rights. I guess for you it is a big deal to keep increasing the number of friends on my network to get the maximum exposure for the different brands you are courting but what purpose does it have for me? Look, I rarely communicate with more than 10 friends on FB the rest, I had collected along the way aimlessly, people who don’t really know me but were befriended in the initial euphoria of being in a brand new relationship with YOU FB! And now the novelty has worn off and I am happy with my 160+ “friends” they keep me well, informed and entertained.

So FB if you didn’t get the point I will spell it out for you once more, I don’t want to “Find Friends”.