Animated Mitch!

I wanted to try my hand in animation. This is very basic that I created using Microsoft Office’s Object Palettes’ shapes to get my little, very worried office guy. Is he about to get fired or does he have an evaluation with his boss? Well, I don’t know, while I was making him he looked really upset and his expression made me smile so I went along. I think he probably has a really big deal to close and he has forgotten something important so he is panicking. Maybe he will stride through those doors and manage to wow everyone at the presentation with his salesmanship. But before he gathers his courage he is fraught with nerves. Not that unusual and could happen to anyone.

So this is how I compiled Mitch (that’s what I christened him, for fun!)

Using Microsoft Office Object Palette I made two figures as shown:

This is the first frame of how I wanted the figure to look.  


This is the second frame of his expression, looking extremely concerned.

Both these files I saved in .pdf format first and then through Preview saved them each in .jpg format. I then used GIMP, a free animation software for .gif.

Note: To have the animation play in WordPress make sure the animated gif dimensions don’t exceed what is the maximum permissible in WP Theme, in this case I kept the dimensions of the file in GIMP to 300 x 225.

To create the animation, I opened the first figure in GIMP and then scaled it to 300 x 225 dimensions using the scale tool from the toolbox, below is the screenshot with the scale tool highlighted.

Then from the File menu choose New and set the dimensions for Width at 300 px and Height at 225 px. Save as Worried Man. The file will be saved by default in .xcf format.

Next use the rectangle tool from the toolbox, it is the first icon on the top left hand corner to select the figure from the .jpg of the man. (As you roll the mouse over the icon it will highlight the names of all the tools.)

Then choose Edit>Copy and Paste the selected image on the new file we just created. On the right hand side of the work space you will find the Layers palette and as shown below.

At the bottom of the layer palette is the duplicate layer icon, it is the fourth one from the left. Make sure after you copy the image you duplicate it. Next do the same with the second figure of the man looking worried, scale the image, use rectangle tool to select then copy and paste on the “Worried Man” File, the image will paste on the duplicated layer. Now, don’t forget to duplicate this layer as well.

Next, click on the text tool and click on the background of the file as seen below

And type in “Oh” duplicate the layer and type “My” below and align it using spacebar. Again duplicate and lastly, type in “God!” and duplicate this as well. Now to see how it plays go to Filters and choose Animation>Playback. It will play quite fast so what I did was to duplicate all my layers a couple of more times. Now to save the file, go to File>Save As>Select File Type By Extension>GIF

When you save it will as give you the option to Flatten Image or Save as Animation, select the latter.

And now export.  At this point you will have the option to choose the delay between frames to slow down the animation as seen below. I kept it at 150 milliseconds and also keep Loop Forever selected, you may have to adjust the time based on your animation needs and whether it is noticeable.

This will give you the animated gif that you can insert into your post. Enjoy!