David Lynch Coffee

What can you say about David Lynch? He’s the director of several movies including a personal favorite Lost Highway. His creepy and eerie style of direction has made him iconic for many filmmakers around the world. Abstract expressionism, dark and surreal, his movies can be unnerving and eclectic. Normally, I prefer watching the more mainstream movies, but occasionally when I discover such directors I am stumped and amazed by the depth and weirdness of the subject. I don’t profess comprehensive understanding of such genre of film making but I am fascinated nonetheless.

So when I came across this Media Post article on the ad David Lynch created for his brand of coffee, I had to write my own two cents about it. This ad is not for everyone, it is bizarre but it also clearly does what it is supposed: highlight the features that are unique to the brand. The craziness of the video is at once humorous and disturbing. The music adds to the atmosphere.

Unlike the author of the Media Post article whose reaction to the commercial, “Lynch appears to have taken the notion of offbeat online advertising a tad far.” is unenthusiastic, I actually really liked the ad. My reasons for liking the ad were the use of the static Barbie, who signifies in my opinion the unattainable quality of beauty and our obsession with such outwardly appearances, the unexpected droll VO for Barbie, and the music-that’s the kind of music that evokes a sensation of foreboding.

It is hypnotic, the entire four odd minutes of the commercial. The unblinking Barbie captivates the viewer, the dialogue delivery by Lynch is impeccable, it will make you laugh, the obvious references to the quality, the organic origin and the coffee beans being fairly traded mock the advertising community and marketers’ constant desire to establish the brand attributes that make it unique to the consumers. And the music is soothing and yet ominous. The dark humor does not go unescaped and to the fans of David Lynch it is his signature style that attracts them. You would not expect David Lynch to launch a coffee brand and then use the mainstream advertising gimmicks, would you? That would alienate his fans. One would argue that if the objective was to get the coffee in the aisles of supermarket and into the homes of coffee drinkers then this approach would probably not be effective, but I think Lynch wants only those who seriously feel his brand represents them to be his loyal customers. And with those coffee drinkers this ad resonates. They will buy the product as an extension of themselves because of their affiliation to the sub-culture, which is related to the values and beliefs that are important to them and that dictates their preferences for a particular brand.

And so, if I were a coffee drinker I would have some too-the coffee…..

Barbie: Can I have some?
David: Yea, yea, yea, I’m gonna fix you some
Barbie: Really? Really? Uhn? You are going to get me a cup of coffee?
David: Yea, I’m gonna get you a cup of coffee
Barbie: Oh great. Geez…Dave? Thanks….