Into Nothingness

Little wisps of her hair hung clumsily around her face. Outside, raindrops created a steady stream that ran down the window. She walked across the wooden floor gently as it creaked under her. She was alone yet she felt compelled to be quiet. Reaching the kitchen she grabbed the teapot and poured herself a steaming cup of tea. She looked out the window and sat on the couch. She could only see her neighbor’s apartment across. The lights were turned off, it was close to midnight.

In her own darkened living room she sipped her tea slowly as she thought about what she would need to do. Dawn was still a few hours away, she had to slip away into the darkness. Her cat jumped up on her lap, startling her, meowing he curled up on her lap. She had initially not planned on escaping but not any longer. This would be the end of her life as she knew it and with that the end of all the relationships, good and bad.

She picked her cat up from her lap and laid him on the couch, he purred and then nestled back to sleep, peacefully. She would miss him so much. She quickly wrote out the emails but didn’t send them yet, she set the time for auto delivery to almost ten hours later. That would be enough time and with a little luck she would have managed to be somewhere far. There was no packing she could do or needed to. She had already managed to transfer the money from the bank accounts to an accessible place. And she had more than enough on her.

She looked at her cat fondly one last time, gave him a little pat, he blinked open his eyes, purred softly and went back to sleep. She was dressed, setting the cup down, she picked up her bag and walked out of the apartment and to her new life.

It was well over twenty-four hours since she landed in this little known town, miles away from what was once her home. By now, it would have all been discovered. She glanced at her passport one last time as she threw it in the fire. She watched the flames dance about in the dark night. She lit a cigarette, her first one in years, and slowly exhaled, a breath of relief and happiness. She had made it, in one unexpected moment, she had got back her life.

The steady drizzle continued outside and for the umpteenth time she imagined her escape, little wisps of her still framed her face, a cigarette lay on the table, the tea grew cold in the cup, the morning light streamed into the apartment and she sat like she did many nights dreaming of her escape into nothingness.