Facebook Adds New Metrics

And again in the news is Facebook with its announcement of the new metrics that it will introduce to its insights tool. What will this mean? Well, let’s look at the four metrics that are being incorporated: “People Talking About”, “Friends of Fans”, “Weekly Total Reach” and “Virality”. The first is what Facebook is tentatively calling “People Talking About” will be visible to the fans and users, so that they will now see, in addition to the number of people who have liked the page, the rating based on this metric.

The idea is that the more compelling the content the more likely it will have “People Talking About” it and therefore be more appealing to both the fans and non-fans. The onus is clearly on the brands to create content that will get fans engaged. And as Mashable points out how this is helping Facebook with its advertising strategy, while brand pages are absolutely free to create it can only reach so many fans. To go beyond those who are interested in the brand, to reach those who are on the fence or have not interacted yet with the brand advertising is still the only means to drive awareness. And here is what makes it Facebook so much better for advertising, reaching those friends of fans. While this has been already around with Facebook’s “Sponsored Story” now, with “People Talking About” content will be central to attract and retain fans.

Facebook also announced the launch of the expandable ads, which will now allow fans to not only like the ad but also comment on it. The ads will not appear in the News Feed but on the right hand side of the friends’ profile. Combine the two, the “People Talking About” and this new type of ad and the power of the reach is breathtaking. The more the “People Talk About” the post the more the engagement and the higher the chances the friends of fans will be interested in the brand and the content.

There are other metrics that Facebook is introducing that will be in addition to the already existing “Likes”, “Friends of Fans” and “Weekly Total Reach.” There is also a component of virality that is measured by dividing reach by people talking about. There is no sentiment metric associates, so “People Talking About” includes both the positive and the negative comments.

As this rolls out it will be interesting to see how this will play out for brands and fans.