Google Plus Resource: Top Posts (Apr 16-22)

Fellow Google Plusser +Rahul Roy compiles this list every week. It is an interesting mix and is a helpful resource for all, both the  experienced and newbie Google Plussers. Enjoy!

Top 50 posts about Google+ from the past week – 22/04/12
+ Featured Plussers from Weekly Guide

1. Social Networking: The Empathy Graph – By +M Sinclair Stevens
2. ✦✦The Google+ “F1” Directory v2.0[Sorted A-Z]✦✦ – By +Shamil Weerakoon
3. Having your Google+ Page heard – By +Arvid Bux
4. Manage your favorite posts with CircleCount – By +CircleCount
5. 10 Things I Found Useful in my First 30 Days on Google+ – By +Jon Beres
6. What’s a Google+ #Hashtag – And Why Should I Care? – By +Ronnie Bincer
7. Google+ and Facebook – Same, same – but different – By +Lars Fosdal
8. Shared Circle: Engaging Women On Google+ – By +Louis Gray
9. Circle Management: In Process – By +M Sinclair Stevens
10. *5 Steps to Circle Management – Why the “Following Circle” is not the way to go* – By +Amanda Blain
11. Interest Graph Toolkit: Google+ Feature Set for Writers – By +M Sinclair Stevens
12. Top 5 Easy Ways To Achieve Full Comprehensive G+ Circle Management – By +Vincent Murphy
13. Circlecount has some new cool features: share favorite posts and vote them up – By +Max Huijgen
14. Hotkeys for the Google+ Stream Updated – By +Thomas Morffew
15. UPDATED High Quality Sharing People Of G+ circle – By +Rinus Bakker
16. Extended Share version 2.5 released! – By +Mohamed Mansour
17. Resources for new Google+ – By +Rahul Roy
18. Faster Way to Get +1’s for your blog/website – By +Rahul Roy
19. Why Is Google+ The Place To Engage? – By +Johan Horak
20. Is… “Google X” a real-life X-Men project?! – By +martin shervington
21. Product Development: Changing the Game – By +M Sinclair Stevens
22. Top 25 Shared circles for New Google+ users – By +Rahul Roy
23. 13 Annoying Social Media Behaviors To Avoid – By +AJ Kohn
24. 10 Reasons Your Google+ Experience Sucks: – By +Chris Pirillo
25. Easily Start a Google+ Hangout from within YouTube about a YouTube Video – By +Ronnie Bincer
26. Google Plus is NOT a Social Network – By +Cliff Roth
27. Helpful People circle – By +Zach Alcorn
28. A Guide to Google+ Photos – By +Shamil Weerakoon
29. Looking for people that are active on Google+? – By +Martijn van der Meulen
30. How to Get Google Author Verification for Your Online Content UPDATED – By +Mark Traphagen
31. Google+ Hashtags and Your Privacy… – By +Ronnie Bincer
32. Just Discovered: The REAL GHOSTS of Google+ show in Hangout Invites – By +Ronnie Bincer
33. 15 Ways to Get Your Google+ Brand Page Circled – By +Rahul Roy
34. :: New Google+ Layout: Tips, Tricks & Profile Hacks – By +Melody Lynn
35. 13 reasons your google+ account may get limited, banned, suspended or terminated! – By +Rahul Roy
36. +Google+ video tip: Setting up your Profile – By +Gilles-Philippe Morin
37. How to Make Cool G+ Banner – By +Rehan Ahmad
38. The New Google+ Profile: 3 Things You Must Know – By +the g+ resource
39. PlusFixer v1.0.0 for Firefox – By +Jaana Nyström
40. Do you see a duck? or have… Google pulled a rabbit+ out of the hat? – By +martin shervington
41. Want to share the 2nd of 2 circles of Engaging People here on G+ – By +Lee Smallwood
42. Want to share the 1st of 2 circles of Engaging People here on G+ – By +Lee Smallwood
43. Using Location from Desktop in the New Google+ – By +Thomas Morffew
44. Google+ Hashtag shortcut. – By +Steve Gill
45. How to find like-minded people – By +Hannah Roberts
46. Google+ HotKeys. – By +Thomas Morffew
47. Google+ Tips : Photos from your Phone – By +Shamil Weerakoon
48. How to notify all members in a circle – By +Johan Horak
49. What does Ignore do? – By +Tony Rouse
50. [ Fact or Fiction ] G+ Brand Pages Becomes the New Google Places By +Neil Ferree