Paying it Forward

This is a sort of Pay it Forward kind of thing. I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by aarongraham for a post I wrote on the Bronx Zoo Cobra that had… Continue reading

Gmail Motion

So I was on the Google search page and noticed this link to a new product innovation from Google called Gmail Motion. It is this nifty add-on, which uses webcam and Google’s patented… Continue reading


I am pretty certain you have heard about the infamous and slithery humorous cobra on the loose. As I was reading the NYTimes post I couldn’t help but think what an ingenious and… Continue reading

Zipping and Zapping

Often discussed and reviewed topic on advertising, TV and the changing consumer behavior- How does zipping and zapping through commercials impact the business model and eventually consumers? I find it fascinating and perplexing… Continue reading

Keeping Up With The Joneses

In one of my Consumer Behavior classes we discussed the concepts of the Sacred and the Profane. While these terms are used closely with religion, they also find their use in explaining the… Continue reading