Google Plus for Brands: A Point Of View

Google Plus for Brands Advertisements


Tempest mind and stirring in the soul, an introspection worth diving into. What say, join me in my journey!

Around and About New York With Krithika

I started my video journal, just yesterday Apr 21st. It’s meant to be my scrapbook of my time in New York City. Hopefully it will become an enduring habit. I shot this on… Continue reading

Google Plus Resource: Top Posts (Apr 16-22)

Fellow Google Plusser +Rahul Roy compiles this list every week. It is an interesting mix and is a helpful resource for all, both theĀ  experienced and newbie Google Plussers. Enjoy! Top 50 posts… Continue reading

Ford’s The Parisian Pinball Park

This morning in my Google+ news stream, I saw this funny but clever promotion by Ford in Paris. Considering the very congested streets with scarce parking spots, it seems Parisians will do whatever… Continue reading

Google+ For Brands

  There has been a lot of talk over Google+. Plenty of naysayers have felt vindicated by the recent comScore report on time spent on the social network. A measly 3 minutes apparently… Continue reading


This web tool officially rolled out in South By South West (SXSWi). Drinking is a social event, combine Twitter and gifting a beer to your friend makes complete sense. As per this Mashable… Continue reading

Mercedes F-Cell: Invisible Car Ad

Delighting consumers with an innovative ad, Mercedes F-Cell outdoes its competitors. In a simple and elegant manner the ad conveys the key benefits of the car: easy on the environment. The emission is… Continue reading

Time Spent on Google+

Google+ lags behind. Could this be because users are not engaging with the platform or because there is not enough or accurate data on how users are using the platform. VicĀ Gundotra states in… Continue reading

How to measure ROI from Pinterest

This is an interesting post by Olin Joseph on how to measure ROI from Pinterest. Definitely an intriguing point of view. Whether or not Pinterest will gain traction among brands who are always… Continue reading