Bud Ventures Into Reality TV To Boost Sales

Watch out for Budweiser reality show on ABC.  Starting Jan 21, the show will air for seven weeks featuring amateurs competing in sports and other fields such as music, cooking, etc. In an… Continue reading

Facebook Apps and Tabs Now Mobile Optimized by Vitrue

Vitrue launches social tool to optimize Tabs and Apps on Facebook for mobile

Coke Holiday Cans Receive Frosty Reception

                                 Holiday Coke cans have consumers confused between regular and diet coke. Playing havoc is the color of the can. Sensing the dissatisfaction, Coke is phasing out this can.

Unexpected Babies Condom Campaign

“Unexpected Babies” a condom campaign in Brazil to encourage condom usage. Funny and weird but gets the point across, be safe. There is a theme in my blog, branded entertainment. Content always trumps!… Continue reading

Get ready for some Facebook-like apps on Spotify platform. Should have interesting opportunities for brands.

Spotify to open platform to developers for app

Vizualize, Interpret Data from Social Media and Predict

Jeff Zelevansky/Associated Press  ”It’s tough to make predictions,” Yogi Berra supposedly said, ”especially about the future.” Recorded Future is among the few companies that are offer predictive analysis based on social media. Companies… Continue reading

Smirnoff Fluffed And Whipped

Smirnoff has gone the way of other spirits by trying to introduce a little sex and a lot of attitude into its ad campaign. How Do You Drink Your Vodka? Fluffed, No Chaser

Altoids Hall Of Curiosity

Altoids Hall Of Curiosity Campaign. Smart and creative way to engage users. Users can bid on these art pieces, the money is donated to charity. Spark of genius, don’t you think? See Also:… Continue reading

Coca Cola’s Brush With QR Code

Coca-Cola launches its first QR code campaign in the US. The QR codes are placed on the Coke cups. This is part of the campaign to  Save The Polar Bear. http://mashable.com/2011/11/11/coca-cola-qr-code-program/

Augmented Reality Let’s You See Through Clothes

An Augmented Reality App That Lets You See Through Clothes. Interesting! http://mashable.com/2011/11/11/moosejaw-xray-augmented-reality-app/Mo