Augmented Reality Let’s You See Through Clothes

An Augmented Reality App That Lets You See Through Clothes. Interesting! Advertisements

Google+, what it could mean for marketers

I have been meaning to put these points as my view on how Google+ can be used to help marketers. At this moment Google+ still doesn’t support brand pages, however at some point… Continue reading

Make An Impression

Good brands make an impression, great brands serve as inspiration.

Google+1 Brand Pages Mock-Up

As Google+ Brand Pages become a possible reality, although not any time soon, Mashable got some ad agencies to create mock-up of brand pages. The ability to segment the users and provide really… Continue reading

Buzz Was Killed Today

Buzz was killed today, will Google+ go down the same way? (Source:

Google Music

Music By Google. Google is trying to compete with Amazon’s and Apple’s cloud music service. Request your invitation to try Music Beta By Google Have you tried it yet? What do you think?… Continue reading

Businesses On Tumblr

Curious whether brands are on Tumblr? Well, yes they are and some are having tumble of a time. Take a peek. What do you think? Know any other interesting brands on Tumblr? See… Continue reading

YouTube SpaceLab Promotion

What Would You Do? YouTube launches a Space Lab promotion in association with Lenovo. Submit your ideas for a chance for the world to see it. (Source:

Conde Nast Makes a Foray Into Film and TV

Plans are to develop content for entertainment to extend the product line. Interesting move, will this be a better bet than what AOL or Yahoo did for their online properties?

VOD Dilemma For Movies

UPDATE: As of Oct 13th, Universal has canceled its plans to release the VOD version of the film three weeks after its theatrical debut (source: WSJ) Universal tests Video-On-Demand for Tower Heist three… Continue reading