Will Apple Cards Reshape the Greeting Card Industry?

Were you surprised by Apple’s announcement of the new Cards app for iPhone? You shouldn’t be — it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that has so far weathered the recession better than most. According… Continue reading

Are you ready for YouTube cable TV?

WSJ reported on Oct 4th that YouTube is finalizing deals with creators to produce exclusive content. From Tony Hawk to companies that produce content for TV channels including RTL, which creates the show… Continue reading

Jest: An Offering From College Humor

New comedy site aims for older demographic. Long time coming, finally it is here. What can we do with this? You are kidding right? So many opportunities to collaborate for content.  (Source: http://www.adweek.com/news/television/collegehumor-launches-jestcom-135369)

Facebook Adds New Metrics

And again in the news is Facebook with its announcement of the new metrics that it will introduce to its insights tool. What will this mean? Well, let’s look at the four metrics… Continue reading

Qwik…What? Netflix launches a service for DVD

So, this is how Netflix cracks, a service for DVD and one for streaming. Doesn’t seem like it is a good move. What prompted this strategy? Could it be a way to assuage… Continue reading

K-Mart Web Series: First Day

K-Mart financed Web series First Day and produced by Alloy TV, the company behind hits such as Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars is yet another example of brands beginning to use entertainment… Continue reading

The Karada: A Transmedia Project

The Karada, a transmedia entertainment project. “Heroes” writer Jim Martin partners with Alternate Reality Games producer to create a supernatural thriller for web. (Source: http://player.vimeo.com/)

Facebook Subscribe – What that could mean for brands?

On Wednesday, Sept 14th 2011 Facebook launched the Subscribe button to allow people to simply subscribe to other people’s posts without having to friend them. So that got me thinking how can this… Continue reading


Little rivers of red trickled down her fingertips making tiny limpid pools on the stainless marble floor. She at once grimaced and marveled at the stark contrast of the brilliant red against the… Continue reading

4th Of July

An absolutely gorgeous day with my wonderful husband.