Unraveling Gen Y

I have been actively reading up on marketing to the Gen Y or the Millenials. As a generation whose oldest age group is 31 years, i.e. born in 1980 they have witnessed events… Continue reading

Into Nothingness

Little wisps of her hair hung clumsily around her face. Outside, raindrops created a steady stream that ran down the window. She walked across the wooden floor gently as it creaked under her.… Continue reading

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Viral Marketing Ploy

I am a fan of the Swedish trilogy of the movie franchise adapted from Steig Larsson’s book series. Now, the first installment is being made in English by director David Fincher for Sony… Continue reading

David Lynch Coffee

What can you say about David Lynch? He’s the director of several movies including a personal favorite Lost Highway. His creepy and eerie style of direction has made him iconic for many filmmakers… Continue reading

Do the Dew: Product Placement Gone Wrong

For some odd reason, Mission Istanbul, a Bollywood flick released in 2008 came to my mind and as I thought about the film, I realized about the only thing I remembered from this… Continue reading

Social Good via Cause Marketing-Making a Difference

   Today, I came across the SocialVibe widget, which I have embedded in my blog. So what is SocialVibe and how does it work? SocialVibe connects people who support certain causes with brand… Continue reading

Feelin’ Richer-Straight Talk

This Walmart “Straight Talk” ad from makes me crack up every time I see it. You would too, take a look if you haven’t seen it already.     It’s no secret that… Continue reading

Animated Mitch!

I wanted to try my hand in animation. This is very basic that I created using Microsoft Office’s Object Palettes’ shapes to get my little, very worried office guy. Is he about to… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

This is one of my favorite pictures of my lovely mother. I love you Ma. My constant source of inspiration and strength. I am who I am because of you. You taught me… Continue reading

I don’t want to “Find Friends”

Very annoyingly Facebook decided about a week ago to take it upon itself to add this little “Find Friend” feature on my Facebook toolbar next to my profile tab. Before, I would get… Continue reading