Mercedes F-Cell: Invisible Car Ad

Delighting consumers with an innovative ad, Mercedes F-Cell outdoes its competitors. In a simple and elegant manner the ad conveys the key benefits of the car: easy on the environment. The emission is so low it is invisible to the environment. The execution is absolutely flawless. It captures our imagination and makes us want to think beyond the obvious.

Why I love this ad is because it is entertaining and the content is so interesting I want to share it with the world. And that is the key to any advertising today, especially as we undergo the evolution of Facebook, content cannot just be about the brand and the product. It must engage. I don’t even own a car, living in NYC, I don’t need to but if I were in the market for a car Mercedes F-Cell would be one of my choices. At least to that extent the ad achieved what it set out to, differentiate itself from myriad hybrid cars and bring it to my consideration. More importantly, it had me intrigued enough to want to care to share. Perfect!