Ford’s The Parisian Pinball Park

This morning in my Google+ news stream, I saw this funny but clever promotion by Ford in Paris. Considering the very congested streets with scarce parking spots, it seems Parisians will do whatever it takes to fit their cars in any available cranny.

Conceived by Ogilvy and Mather, The Parisian Pinball Park promotion is a giant billboard placed between two cars. As the drivers try to squeeze their cars in the narrow space, the billboard lights up exclaiming Bang, Savage, Cruel, Brutal etc. for each time the drivers hit the two cars mercilessly.

But there is no other driver than the one at the end who claims the title of “The Champ” – a little tongue in cheek humor for the worst driver. And the prize a Ford with Active Park Assist for all those frustrating cramped parking spots. The surprise on the driver’s face as he experiences the Park Assist is indeed worth a watch.

What do you think, was this a great way to bring home the point about Ford’s functional benefit for the streets of Europe where parking can be a nightmare?